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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too good to not share -- book lovers are everywhere

Hope you do not find this inappropriate, but I have to share this piece from today's Shelf Awareness:

Naked Girls Reading is "an all-star international lineup of naked readers" who last night kicked off the Toronto Burlesque Festival. The Globe and Mail called them "the newest phenomenon of the phenomenal burlesque revival... Burlesque divas remove the pasties and G-strings--those time-honoured barriers to complete nudity--and grab a book.... The format is generally four or five readers who take 10-minute turns, ending with a group read from a common book. The readers usually perch demurely on a chaise."

The group was formed early last year, a salon founded by burlesque star Michelle L'amour (pictured above). "We hold the series every month at my studio," she told the paper. "Each evening has a theme, and each girl selects her own material which can come from fiction, non-fiction, song lyrics or poetry. For example, for the 'Independent Women' show, readings included Dorothy Parker, Mae West and Coco Chanel."

The reading lists and other information are available at

One woman who participates in Naked Girls Reading commented: "It has a courtesan feel about it. It's seductive, because we're naked, and, at the same time, comforting, like listening to your mother reading to you when you were little."

Another said: "In burlesque, we unveil our bodies. In Naked Girls Reading, we unveil our souls."

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