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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Customer feedback on some great books

Grabbing a few minutes to post customer feedback on two books -- thanks Linda and Gunnel!

"American Dervish” by Ayad Akhtar.
"...The book is spell binding and so touching. It also is a fascinating introduction to the Muslim faith, and the author paints a portrait of all the followers’ different take on their religion that is stunning. The various ways, including the anger at religion, are the same as in all faiths and I wish this book would be required reading in every community country-wide.

How the author manages to keep the main character in the reader’s grace after the many dastardly things he does, is sheer genius – he really gets one to see how utterly thoughtless one is growing up, and yet so involved in finding Truth and Faith."

"The Winter Ghosts" by Kate Mosse
" enjoyable summer read, however I would have enjoyed it more if the title and blurb on the back cover didn't give away the plot (a decidedly annoying spoiler that caused me, as a reader, to be less engrossed with the plot). 

This was my first experience with Kate Mosse and will likely read Labyrinth as a result of reading this one. If your reader base is devoted to Kate Mosse I would recommend including it in your store."