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Monday, August 17, 2009

Beware the crows

Everyone who knows me has hear me talk about the crows story on crows recognize us and that if you do something mean to one of the crows, they tell all their other crow friends and the next think you know, it's like the movie "The Birds."

So here's the scoop from NPR
The Crow Paradox

"Here's a surprise: Wild crows can recognize individual people. They can pick a person out of a crowd, follow them, and remember them — apparently for years....
..If you want to hear researchers describe what it's like to alienate a crow, and then be razzed and harassed by its family and neighbors wherever they go — tennis courts, ATM machines, parking lots — listen to our radio story. We'll also tell you how unbelievably long a crow can keep a grudge."

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