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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Power of Half

At the NAIBA show last fall, I picked up an advance reading copy of The Power of Half by Kevin Salwen and his fourteen year old daughter, Hannah Salwen. I picked it up because I am constantly trying to simplify my life and somehow divest myself of the many things I have. But that's not really what this book is about:

"It all started when 14-year old Hannah Salwen...had a eureka moment when a homeless man in her neighborhood was juxtaposed against a glistening Mercedes coupe. "You know, Dad," she said, pointing, "If that man had a less nice car, that man there could have a meal."

This glaring disparity led the Salwen family of four, caught up like so many other Americans in this age of consumption and waste, to follow Hannah's urge to do something...And so they embarked on an incredible journey together from which there would be no turning back. They decided to sell their Atlanta mansion, downsize to a house half its size, and give half of their profits to a worthy charity...Each week they met over dinner to discuss their plan. It would transport them across the globe and well out of their comfort zone. Along the way they would inspire so many others wrestling with the same questions: Do I give enough? How much is enough? How can I make an impact in the world?"

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