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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Still not enough...

time, money or book stands. A couple years ago, I said that you could never have enough money or book stands.  We're getting close on the book stands, so I will substitute in "time." I naively throught that after almost 4 years, things would have settled into more of a routine (probably more experienced book sellers are laughing right now).  Just as busy, just as broke as I was several years ago.  Busy with different things and many quite fun, but still feeling like there's never a break.

This is a year of decisions - the lease on our current location is up next year - as the Clash would say: should I stay or should I go?  Given that our rent will most likely increase, how much is too much? Could we start all over again somewhere else?  If you see me and I'm staring out into space, I could be thinking of these decisions or I might just be tired (either way, candy or a drink will bring me right back).

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Unknown said...

Here I am again. Sorry to hear you're facing a problem with your lease -- I trust it'll work out, since I'd miss your shop terribly should you have to wind up...will pop in in a couple of days to cheer you on.

Hugs, Gordon