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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Uncommon Reader - What happens when the Queen reads?

It throws everyone into a tizzy, that's what happens. And it turns her life and Norman, her book coach/attendant, life upside down - for the better.

At 120 pages, this short novella by Alan Bennett , actor, playwright and author of the History Boys, is a quick entertaining read. Having worked in a bookmobile as a teenager, I was drawn to this story because the Queen's initial foray into reading comes via the mobile library which she stumbles upon when tracking down her dogs. Her politeness compels her to borrow a book and so her journey into the world of literature begins.

Over time, those around are dismayed and perplexed at her obsession for reading and the questions it raises about the status quo. While they strive to stifle this reading madness, books, of course, prevail.

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