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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The latest on the store on this Dec 30 morning

The author events were great!  We had three gracious and fun authors to kick off activities for the new store. While we may not have been in the store space, you turned out to meet Ellen Crosby, Richard Thompson and Richard Gazala.  It was a wonderful preview of what it will be like when the store opens.

Speaking of the store opening, we look forward to kicking off 2011 with an open store.  We have two inspections scheduled for January 3rd and if those goes well, we can start moving in!

Someone said to me -- 2011 will be a better year -- which made it sound like 2010 was not a good year.  While it's been frustrating these last months with the permits and inspections, I have a beautiful store, great books and sidelines, super staff and fantastic friends and family who have provided tremendous support.  2010 has been a great year and I hope we all have a wonderful and happy New Year!!  Thank you all!

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J. said...

We can't wait for the store to open. Good luck this week. Love, from New Dehli!