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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pics of the store-to-be

I've been so busy working on the store that I haven't updated the blog with pics of the progress.  I started this blog in April 2008 when I first started planning for the store.  As the Grateful Dead would say, what a long, strange trip it's been. 

It's taken way longer than I thought and things usually did NOT go according to my plan, but each major setback worked out for the right although I often didn't see that until after the fact.  An indication to me that this was the right thing for me was that after a day of being frustrated/angry/disappointed after a set-back, I got right back to it and moved on.

It feels like it's taken forever for construction to get started, but now that it has, the store has quickly taken shape and now (in the words of my cousin), it's starting to look like a store (instead of a construction site).

What it originally look like (note the lovely orange and white checked floor).

Where the children and adult sections meet
New Paint and Floor

Most importantly...books and more books!

We plan to open the weekend of December 11-12...details to follow!


Mike Rhode said...

Great news! Richard Thompson just passed along your site. Let me know about cartoon events and I'll be glad to mention them on

Plus I buy a lot of books when stores have authors. I get a lot at P&P.

Karen said...

Margaret and Karen wish you all the best! Looking forward to browsing your wonderful selection of great books!