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Monday, February 21, 2011's been crazy

I have not given gifts, sent cards, returned voice messages or answered most emails. The only mode of communication I've been fairly responsive to is text. I'm very fortunate to have extremely patient and wonderful family and friends.

It's been very busy getting the store going, having our grand opening weekend and now settling into managing the store and setting up events. I am humbled multiple times every day by having to say "No, I haven't read that, but I hear it's great...", trying to find a specific children's book (which sounds like it should be easy) or worse yet... shudder... trying to recommend books.

The most wonderful people walk through these doors, some with such an infectious love for books that it spreads throughout the store. And the children whose eye light up as soon as they see the books, you can't help but smile.

And almost ever day, a friend who I haven't seen for ages walks through the door to see the store -- that's been so much fun!

We're rearranged the shelves to let in more light and it looks fantastic. It's a pleasure to come in here every day!

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