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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Max Recommends: Dragonbreath

Sounds like this is a must-read!  Especially the squid attack...  Max is a guest reviewer and, as you can see, quite thorough and descriptive.  THANKS, MAX!

Title: Dragonbreath
Author:  Ursula Vernon 
Circle one: Fiction Nonfiction
Setting: Sargasso Sea
Character Names: Danny (Dragonbreath), Wendell, Edward, Mrs. Dragonbreath, and Mr. Dragonbreath, the Giant Squid.

Describe the main character. What kind of person is he or she? It’s a Dragon.  The city is full of lizards and he’s one of the only mythical creatures.  His family is made up of mythical creatures.  His cousin Edward is a sea monster.  Dragonbreath is funny, often making jokes. 

The story begins with: Danny’s house in his dream.  He’s a pirate.   His dream ends with “Argh, beep beep, Argh, beep beep” because his alarm is going off.  He swings at it and misses twice then he swings at it and hits it and it falls on the ground and starts beeping at him sideways (the beep comes out the top and it was turned on its side).

The events in the story are: (include details)
1.   Danny getting an F on a report on the ocean.
2. A giant squid attacking Danny and Wendell.

The story ends with At the end, he gets an A on his test because the science teacher told him that he had one day and if he didn’t get a good one in one day.  In the end he got a lot of facts from Edward and then he got an A.

I learned that it’s good to homeschool because nobody is giving you grades.
I really liked when the giant squid attacked Danny and Wendell.  That was cool.  Danny managed to breath fire, it’s not actually possible because when the fire comes out it hits the water and goes out.  Danny bites the squid, but it doesn’t do much good.
I didn’t like when all they were doing were talking.
I wonder if Sargasso Sea is actually real and if sea cucumbers can actually throw their guts out.
I would/would not recommend this book because it’s got a good mix of adventure, excitement and jokes.

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