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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 25 for July - Favorites and Surprises

Our Top 25 for July has new and old favorites as well as some surprises.  Take a look:

1  Kitchen Daughter - Awesome store visit
2  A Visit From the Goon Squad - our book club pick and perennial favorite
3  Great Wall of Lucy Wu - one of only 2 kids book to make our list
4  The Real Macaw - her visit was a lot of fun
5   Female Nomad & Friends : Tales of Breaking Free and Breaking Bread
6   The Help
7   Wear This, Toss That : Hundreds of Fashion and Beauty Swaps That Save Your Looks, Save Your Budget...her visit was a blast!
8   A Jane Austen Education
9   Everything Beautiful Began After - cannot keep in stock and our Sept book club pick
10   Eat Your Math Homework
11   Bossypants
12                    If You Loved Me, You'd Think This Was Cute : Uncomfortably True Cartoons About You
13    Look to the Lady - our mystery book club pick
14    Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter
15    State of Wonder
16    Room
17    Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
18    Keep Calm and Drink Up - a fun little gift book
19    In the Garden of Beasts
20    Where the Wild Things Are
21    Redbreast : A Harry Hole Novel
22    Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie : A Flavia De Luce Mystery
23    Inside of a Dog : What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
24    Clash of Kings : Song of Ice and Fire Book 2
25    Just Kids - one of our (my) favorites

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