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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hi Mom

I planned to do this while I was home this weekend, but we were so busy doing fun things together that I didn't have time (infinitely preferable to writing this post).

I love hearing people say that I'm like you (even though I'm very far from it).  I hope to grow more like you as time goes on -- I couldn't think of a better person to become.

Happy (slightly) belated Mother's Day, you may not always understand why we do what we do, but are always behind us 200% with ideas, support and love. 

You've always been an inspiration and forward-thinking person who's easy to admire.  I remember when we were kids and you got involved in recycling LONG before anyone else did.  We had barrels for tin and glass collection in the garage for people to drop off recycling that got picked up monthly.  How you brought so much to your job, that you ushered in 3 (?) new presidents at the college and they continued to call you back as a consultant for years after you left until you finally said no.

My friends all ask after you and dad and look forward to seeing you.  That we all enjoy spending time together as a family comes directly from you and dad and your wonderful relationship with each and with your families.  Thank you for being such an amazing mom and friend.

...And, you think I'm kidding about the store -- you and dad would be such an asset and we all would love to have you here with us.  Someday, when you're ready for your next adventure...

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