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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Misc musings on NYC, e-books, fairies and Steig Larsson

Really looking forward to going to NYC this weekend to visit my college roomies and to visit some indie bookstores AND catch up with a new friend whose store is scheduled to open in January. Hope to check out several of these...

Idlewild Books at 12 West 19th Street (near 5th Avenue)- a travelers mecca - my dream store.

And several in Brooklyn, which seems to be home to many independent bookstore:

BookCourt at 163 Court Street (between Pacific & Dean)
Greenlight Bookstore at 686 Fulton Street - I think it just opened this past fall
WORD bookstore at 126 Franklin Street

Freebird Books & Goods at 123 Columbia St.

And a few more...
Three Lives & Co. at 154 West 10th Street
St, Mark's Bookshop at 31 Third Avenue
Book Culture – 2915 Broadway

Good books...
Always love it when a friend is enthused about a book as much as I am -- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, the first of his trilogy with Lisbeth Salandar. Fans love this series so much that booksellers are purchasing the final book in the trilogy from the UK where it has already been released. It's unclear why it will take several months to be released in the U.S.

"HarperCollins became the third major publisher in two days to make the decision to delay e-book publication of selected titles in 2010. Simon & Schuster and Hachette had made a similar announcement earlier (Shelf Awareness, December 10, 2009)."
Not sure that I agree with this strategy -- ebooks will come whether they're delayed or not.

Last but not a switch from omnipresent vampires in teen novels, Fragile Eternity is a book about fairies, but they're kick-ass fairies who are way stronger than humans, who fight and are flawed. Fragile Eternity is the third book from Melissa Marr and her Wicked Lovely universe. It is the sequel to her first book, Wicked Lovely, and includes characters from her second book, Ink Exchange. And of course it involves star-crossed lovers...

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