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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saner, better shopping for Christmas

I am not someone who does their Christmas shopping early. Ever.

But I do try to find the right gifts for people (even if I do buy them late). :-)

But this year was a wonderful shopping experience for me AND I felt like the gifts were more particularly selected. In looking at ideas for the bookstore, I also found beautiful, unique gifts at local markets and shops, such as Eastern Market, Politics and Prose, McLean Craft Fair, The Grape Juice and others.

...which also allowed me to shop and buy locally, from local businesses...and to get ideas for artists whose work I'd like to sell in my shop. The ABA's Indiebound program is all about recognizing the contribution of bookstores and other local merchants to the local economy and community - maybe it's finally sinking in with me.

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