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Friday, December 4, 2009

Yum...I KNEW I liked this guy

...He's from Piscataway and his book is about New Jersey
...The cover of said book, I Shudder, features marshmallow peeps.
...And now...he lives on candy!

In the NY Times interview, Living for Candy, and Sugar-Coated Goblins, Paul Rudnick "reveals a horrible truth no parent wants published: It is possible, it seems, to live on candy."

"Mr. Rudnick is the living proof. At 51, 5-foot-10 and an enviably lean 150 pounds, Mr. Rudnick does not square with the inevitable mental image of a man who has barely touched a vegetable other than candy corn in nearly a half-century."

The Recipe Club:  A Tale of Food and Friendship by Nancy Garfinkel, Andrea Israel

“I’ve been to many combat zones, so I kn ow a real fight when I see one—and the characters in this book pull no punches. But what surprised me is how their conflict is just as engaging as their crazy humor and deep affection for each other. This book perfectly combines my two favorite things in the world: fiction and food. It's a great read.”—Bob Woodruff, ABC News anchor and journalist

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